Develop powerful civic and community insights,
engagement strategies, and activations.


We understand there are three essential elements to pushing good ideas forward. Our methodology instigates an atmosphere of partnership in challenging areas and allows us to navigate complex and divergent interests and cultures.


We build community trust through transparency. High levels of audience engagement are paramount to our work and a core value of our organization. This is what allows us the ability to see below the waterline and understand the long view. A mutual and cooperative exchange of knowledge precedes the creation of true awareness.


CEA Partners facilitates. We use authentic community relationships to produce insights, analysis and professional recommendations. Our work identifies, evaluates and can advocate for or reason against ideas and suppositions. We have the ability to create new dialogs, collaborations and cooperative agreements.


Our community engagement work is the blueprint for our activation designs and execution. Our team understands and has a deep belief in the unique ability of arts and culture to connect with the human spirit. We bring people together through entertainment and education to create awareness and instill a sense of community.


We are regionally, nationally and internationally noted leaders in an eclectic range of social connectivity and civic placemaking professions. Our team brings extraordinary creativity, passion, drive and cultural competency to the table.

Jon Stone


Jon Stone is a Seattle­ based arts and cultural leader, festival producer and civic place­making consultant. For decades he has played key roles in the creation and execution of iconic concert, festival and theater experiences as well as educational, awareness building and business development programs for youth and emerging communities.

Jon brings entrepreneurial spirit to his belief in the power of arts and celebration to build and bridge relationships on scales large and small. He is noted for leadership in organizational turn­around and crisis management scenarios, and advocates for social equity in access to the arts and education.


  • Seattle City Council appointee to the Seattle Music Commission, Chair of the Youth and Community Committee

  • Non­profit Stand For Courage Board member. An organization that envisions an end to bullying when every youth is empowered to stand against discrimination and cruelty.

  • Totem Star board member. Totem Star empowers youth with life skills through music production, performance and business experience, developing programs for the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration, Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative and various alternative schools.

Jyo Singh


Jyo is an internationally recognized business leader with expertise in launching new business units and redirecting under-performing organizations. He has exceptional focus on patron and client satisfaction, and has a proven ability to capitalize on key opportunities.

Jyo has a deep understanding of civic processes and is both politically and culturally astute. HIs background is in public assembly, business development and management of stakeholder relationships. He has forged remarkable public private partnerships with a wide range of audiences.



  • Capital Improvement Projects ($100K to $140M)

  • City of Seattle Disaster Management Committee

  • Operational planning

Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Hindi

  • French

  • German

  • Greek

  • Punjabi

  • Swahili

Andrea Wagner

Arts Education Liaison

Andrea has expertise in program development; financial management and fund-development; and collaborations and organizational partnerships with community, culturally-specific, international and arts organizations.

Wagner served as Executive Director of the internationally renowned contemporary performing arts center On The Boards, interim director of the Washington State Arts Alliance, and Executive Director of the Seattle International Children’s Festival. She has established new work commissioning programs, forged international collaborations, overseen expansion of state-wide teacher education programs, and is a champion of our regional artists and arts community.

Founding Board member

Board member (past)

Site Visitor and Panelist